About Us

We’ve Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning

Welcome to the leading hub for the professionals creating buildings.

Since 2017 , Architecture & Design has been an invaluable resource for A41 studio, commercial architect, and design professional.

A41 Studio is  largest commercial architecture, building, construction and design Studio in Yerevan providing expert Architectural solutions.

Created  by Varujan Badalyan and Tatevik Ohanyan, A41 Studio holds the industry’s highest ranking for Architectural solutions  and Design in Yerevan.

Main Services

Architectural studio A41 carries out the following activities

  • Development of projects

  • Design of low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings

  • Design of public building

  • Design of industrial buildings

  • Performance of construction and installation works

  • Development and implementation of interior

  • Reconstruction of the building

  • Control

We are in Yerevan

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Parket Avenu
Shen Decor
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Marmari Ashkharh
Architecture + Interiors

Contact us

  • +374 91 004811
  • +374 91 325427
  • +374 10 545912
  • archidec.studio@gmail.com
  • Hanrapetutyan 62/89, Yerevan, Armenia