Stepanakert, NKR

Private house

The project of this private house is designed for a large family, which was the main task in solving spatial planning problems. Comfortable for life, but at the same time a fairly compact two-storey house in terms of occupies three hundred and seven square meters and is formed from the main four blocks, each of which is strictly divided by its function. The house has five bedrooms, a large kitchen with its own terrace, a dining room and a living room. A separate block occupies a staircase, it is given special attention also from the architectural and compositional point of view. The roofed roof compensates for the area used for building, which occupies most of the plot. This technique allows homeowners to maximize the productive use of open space. The choice of facade materials is laconic and not catchy. Only two main facing materials are used – travertine and black tuff, as well as a large amount of glass and some wooden parts in the form of pergolas, which not only protect from the sun, but also give the facade a special dynamic.

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